Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Scienze Bancarie, Finanziarie e Assicurative

The Faculty has established the "Faculty Board - Placement" in order to strengthen its links with companies and supervisory authorities. The board comprises prominent figures from the Italian financial community (CEOs and HR Managers) and aims to:

  • share strategic guidelines with economic operators to be followed in the drafting of course curriculums, in order to offer training that is line with market demand;
  • improve the planning and management of the Faculty's internship activities;
  • identify new initiatives and productive ways of collaborating with economic operators in order to constantly improve training and offer our graduates the best career opportunities.

Airoldi Elisa - BPM
Barbera Carlo - UBI Banca
Benedet Rachele - Santander Private Banking
Borgia Alberto - AIAF
Bottero Giampiero - Crédit Agricole
Carbonari Giacomo - ANIA
Carniol Fabio - Helvetia
Castelli Carlo - Creval
Colombo Massimiliano - QBE
D'Agostino Giuseppe - Consob
Di Biase Stefano - Prometeia
Doninelli Nicola - Epsilon Sgr e Eurizon Capital
Dorrucci Renato - Intesa San Paolo
Fumagalli Paolo - Studio Gft
Gazzaniga Enrico - Deloitte
Gianatti Francesco - Prometeia
Gianfiori Cinzia - SAS
Gila Paolo - RAI
Giovannelli Andrea - UnipolSai Assicurazioni
Grosso Anna - Banca Sella
Hamaui Rony - Medio Credito Italiano
Iandimarino Luca - BNL
Leoni Sabina - BPM
Mascherpa Emanuele - Willis
Migliavacca Enrica - Crédit Agricole
Negri Luigino - Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Pascutti Ilaria - Unicredit
Pesati Rodolfo - PWC
Pessina Marco - Deloitte
Petrineschi Fabrizio - Cfasi
Piccolo Alberto - Deutsche Bank SpA
Plateroti Fabrizio - Borsa Italiana
Poloni Salvatore - BPM
Quarto di Palo Giuseppe - Credit Suisse
Ricciardi Luca - Consob
Russomando Marco - Unicredit
Santella Giuseppe - Unipol
Segreteria Presidenza ODCEC
Tarantini Graziano - Banca Akros
Tinelli Francesca - Banco di Desio
Toselli Andrea - PWC
Trezzi Sergio Guido - Invesco Asset Management

The Board operated both as a single entity and in work groups. To date, four groups have been launched.

  1. The Soft Skills and Digital Skills Group aims to identify initiatives to enhance activities related to behavioural skilss (problem-solving, team management, public speaking) that can be useful in translating specialised technical know-how into personal and organisational performance with high added value. The Soft Skills and Digital Skills Group identifies and proposes 'short training courses' aimed at training behavioural skills in the context of experiments related to subjects taught.

  2. The Communication Group amis to develop initiatives to improve the visibility of the Faculty and inform the public about its position of excellence at national and international level.

  3. The English and IT Skills Group plans initiatives aimed at offering students programmes for a targeted learning of the English language as well as programmes for the development of hardware and software skills for the financial sector.

  4. The Internship Group aims to identify initiatives to enhance the development, monitoring and evaluation of internshi activities. The Internship Group has started to plan the identification, management and offering of internship opportunities, both within and outside the students' curriculum of studies

Internship day
The initiative is designed for first-year students of the Graduate Degrees of the Faculty of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences (degree programmes in Economics of Markets and Financial Intermediaries, Banking and Finance and Statistical and Actuarial Sciences) and aims to provide information and guidance to students who wish to do their curricular internship during the second year of a graduate degree, as well as to organise short interviews with participating companies ("walk interviews").