Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Economia

The Undergraduate Programmes: an investment for the future

In step with the evolution of the modern economy, the Faculty of Economics at Università Cattolica is investing in new academic training projects that give more value to knowledge and focus on professional services and global issues.

The Undergraduate Programmes: the cornerstone of the subject framework

In the first two years of study all the Faculty’s undergraduate degree programmes are focused on providing students with basic, solid, in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of Economics, Management, laws and regulations, quantitative techniques in decision making, humanities studies and social sciences.

In the third year, after you have chosen the areas of study that you wish to concentrate on, you will select specialised fields that will lead you to build your curriculum in line with the demands of the labour market and of the learned professions. The Faculty offers nine graduate degree programmes and the twenty-five specialising master programmes for further specialisation.

The base and the summit: “no place is too far”

The first two years of study of the undergraduate degree programmes on our campuses (Milan or Rome) will help you build rigorous foundations for your study of economics. We will instruct you on the fundamentals of current economic and social choices and teach you how to appreciate the complexity of the scenarios that will have to be analysed and compared on the basis of our incisive personal qualities.

Then, in the third year, you will decide which area to specialise in, how to develop your vocational path by choosing the “place” in which to continue your studies because ‘there are places where things happen" in a unique way.