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The help-desk aims to orientate students in the transition phase from graduation to postgraduate internship. The service management maintain ongoing relationships with public and private bodies offering internships and, every six months, they update the list of availabilities in order to offer graduates an ample range of choices.

Internship Committe
Professors: Emanuela Confalonieri, Maria Luisa Gennari
Contact Tutor for the master degree under previous Italian education system: Mrs. Silvia Pasolini
Contact Tutor for the contracts with company internships: Mrs Silvia Pasolini

News and notices

Monitoring groups for interns

The Faculty of Psychology organises a series of group meetings, conducted by a professional psychologist, aimed at elaborating and optimising the resources, endeavours and knowledge gained from your experience. It will also focus on the skills attained and the psychological needs of the contexts in which you are working.

If you are interested in this initiative please send your membership to tirociniolm.psicologia@unicatt.it indicating given name, family name, type of graduate degree and email contact by 5 December 2018.

The first meeting will be held on 10 December (14.30 - 17.30) or on 19 December (15.30 - 18.30) depending on the number of responses. You will receive details of the location a few days before the meeting.

Emanuela Confalonieri and Marialuisa Gennari
(Contact Tutors of the Postgraduate internship service, Faculty of Psychology)

New accreditation methods for postgraduate internship places in psychology
The new accreditation methods are available for the postgraduate internship entities in psychology managed directly by the Lombardy Society of Psychologists.
|| Download the procedure (ITA)

For information, please write an email to: tirociniolm.psicologia@unicatt.itor call (+39) 0272345127 (only during office hours).

Il The Postgraduate internship service is at the 1st floor of Via Carducci 28 (Milan) and is open from Monday to Wednesday (see the office hours below).

Before going to the internships help-desk, please check any possible schedule variations on blackboard/Postgraduate Internship Service Faculty of Psychology/Announcements.