Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia

In collaboration with Università Cattolica’s Internships and Placement the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy provides careers guidance and workplace orientation for final year students comprising.

  • The "Cogito ergo work” annual workshop - practical advice for entry to the workplace
  • A contact person for internships and workplace entry for each degree programme
  • A network of internship and placement tutors
  • Curricular internships for workplace orientation (for specific degree programmes). The internships follow the procedure by the Internships and Placement service
  • A postgraduate extracurricular internship service

Degree Programme  Campus  Undergraduate /
Contact person  Tutor Tutor email
Philosophy (ITA) Milan undergraduate Paola Muller Georgia Conte georgia.conte@unicatt.it
Media Languages (ITA) Milan undergraduate Alice Cati Federica Cavaletti Paolo
Literature (ITA) Brescia undergraduate Alessandro Galimberti Ilaria Mirani ilaria.mirani@unicatt.it
Stars (ITA) Brescia undergraduate Carla Bino Carlo Susa carlo.susa@unicatt.it
Literature (ITA) Milan undergraduate Marco Petoletti Georgia Conte georgia.conte@unicatt.it
Modern Philology (ITA) Milan graduate Marco Petoletti / Pietro Silanos

Georgia Conte

Philosophy (ITA) Milan graduate Paola Muller

Georgia Conte

Sciences of Antiquity (ITA) Milan graduate Alberto Barzanò

Georgia Conte

Cultural Heritage Science (ITA) Milan undergraduate Furio Sacchi Silvio Mara silvio.mara@unicatt.it
Archaeology and History of Arts (ITA) Milan graduate Furio Sacchi Silvio Mara silvio.mara@unicatt.it
Corporate, Media and Organisational Communications (ITA) Milan graduate Mariagrazia Fanchi Alessandra Olietti
Matilde Dondena
Digital Content Management for Media, Enterprises and Cultural Heritage (ITA) Brescia graduate Matteo Tarantino Barbara Toselli barbara.toselli@unicatt.it
Modern Philology (ITA) Brescia graduate Alessandro Galimberti Ilaria Mirani ilaria.mirani@unicatt.it

For specific information on internships, please refer to the relevant pages of the individual degree programmes:

Where there are no indications, the programme does not currently include curricular internship activities.