Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Scienze politiche e sociali

The Faculty specifically fosters internationalisation as a key theme in learning and teaching: both in the specific contents of the courses, in its compliance with the standards acknowledged by the international academic community and also by boosting the presence of visiting scholars, when possible, in curricular teaching or in dedicated seminars. The various exchange programmes also actively promote International student mobility. These are made available to students thanks to the numerous agreements and partnerships activated by the Faculty in both European and Non-European fields. Indeed, the students are offered numerous chances to experience periods of study abroad during their university life. The range of opportunities is continuously upgraded and is divided into different programmes ranging from the ERASMUS project, to the OVERSEAS and ISEP exchanges and the SUMMER SCHOOLS, along with the possibility of obtaining double degree qualifications.

Students wishing to make the most of these valuable opportunities for international exchanges are supported in their selection, the development and the implementation of the exchange project by some of the Faculty-appointed professors, as well as by the tutors and competent staff of the Cooperation, Mobility and Internationalisation Office.

All information on the exchanges and on the available offers can be found at International Student Services.