Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Psicologia

Faculty members are engaged in several research studies, in collaboration with national and international networks, across multiple areas of psychology. Please find below some examples of studies, conducted by UCSC postdocs

Gruppi di Parola: supporting families during the transition of divorce I Chiara Fusi Poli

The family impact of policies, the participation of families and their vision of the future I Matteo Moscatelli

The role of visual prospective in cognition with virtual reality I Silvia Serino

The analysis of school mobility to improve sustainability and safety I Manuela Bina

Dyslexia and foreign language learning inclusive technologies for teaching

Evaluation of a school-based mentoring programme | Giovanni Aresi

Testing the efficacy of novel methodologies for dyslexia intervention in Italian students: music and neurostimulation | Alice Cancer

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for Clients with Multiple Sclerosis in comorbidity with Depression: A Pilot Study | Cesare Cavalera

Neurocognitive empowerment and applications with neuroscientific devices: peak performance and sport neuroscience | Davide Crivelli

Psychological treatment and motivational interventions for enhancing clinical outcomes and self-management in patients with chronic diseases | Giada Pietrabissa

Financial education in prison: A training proposal to enhance prisoners’ ability in managing money | Angela Sorgente

Breathe easy: mind and body relationships in people with chronic respiratory and neuromuscular diseases | Eleonora Volpato