Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia

Numerous exchange programmes are made available to students thanks to the many Faculty-led European and non-European contracts and partnerships. Periods of study abroad are offered on several occasions during courses with various programmes comprising: ERASMUS, the OVERSEAS and ISEP exchanges and the SUMMER SCHOOLS.

Support for the selection, development and implementation of the exchange project is provided by Faculty tutors and specialist staff from the “Cooperazione, mobilità e internazionalizzazione” office.

All info on available exchanges and proposals can be accessed at the aforementioned office and on the website.

The UCSC Exchange Semester Abroad programme (Erasmus and Overseas destinations) offers a semester or an entire academic year abroad for exchange students at one of the European or non-European universities with which the Faculty has signed a bilateral exchange agreement.

Curriculum in Media management

Ideation, production and strategies within the Corporate, Media and Organisational Communications graduate degree programme, enables access to the Programma Internazionale in Studi cinematografici e audiovisivi (IMACS, International Master in Audiovisual and Cinema Studies), with a year of study at a prestigious foreign university in the field of media and communication and a degree recognized by a group of prestigious European universities (https://imacsite.net)