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Planning of educational activities first semester a.y. 2020/21

Dear Students,

As the second semester of the academic year comes to a close and as we are about to embark on our summer break, I address this message to you, one which looks at the past on the one hand and to the future on the other.

Since last February, we have been living through an unusual experience which has led to a significant reorganization of the university activities with all the associated challenges this has brought, but also with some justification for satisfaction. We have been forced to make changes which have not only made us appreciate the potential of new methods of delivery of teaching, course exams, final exams, orientation activities and liaison with the profession, but also allowed us to become more aware of the value of face-to-face interactions. It was a period of learning for everyone involved and overall I believe we have come through it more enriched.

Whether you are reading this as someone who has just completed secondary school and are considering our university for your university studies, or have completed your university studies in another institution and are now thinking of enrolling in a master's degree programme at Università Cattolica, I imagine you will be able to see yourself reflected in these considerations even though you have undertaken your studies in the past few months somewhere else.

It is precisely what the semester just ended has taught us that has given us the impetus to organise the new academic year in way that confronts the uncertainties that we still have about what the health situation will be in the autumn by with an articulated plan that allows you to be able to plan your commitments in the first semester of the 2020-21 academic year.

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Dean of the Faculty of Psychology

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The Undergraduate program in Psychology at Università Cattolica is a three-year degree focusing on an interdisciplinary knowledge of the basic and innovative issues of the psychology discipline.

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The Faculty

The Faculty of Psychology can boast a long academic tradition that commenced with the pioneering spirit of the founder of the University Father Agostino Gemelli. With his Psychology Laboratory, inaugurated at the beginning of the last century, he contributed decisively to the progress of this discipline in Italy.