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Faculty of Psychology

Planning of educational activities

Message from Professor Alessandro Antonietti, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology

(Milan, September 20, 2021)

Training programs in Psychology held in English addressed to incoming students

The Undergraduate program in Psychology at Università Cattolica is a three-year degree focusing on an interdisciplinary knowledge of the basic and innovative issues of the psychology discipline.

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Our research projects

Gruppi di Parola: supporting families during the transition of divorce I Chiara Fusi Poli

The family impact of policies, the participation of families and their vision of the future I Matteo Mo

The role of visual prospective in cognition with virtual reality I Silvia Serino

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The Faculty

The Faculty of Psychology can boast a long academic tradition that commenced with the pioneering spirit of the founder of the University Father Agostino Gemelli. With his Psychology Laboratory, inaugurated at the beginning of the last century, he contributed decisively to the progress of this discipline in Italy.