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Luxury-goods management - EMLUX (Full time)

Master in Luxury Goods Mangement - EMLUX, 2017/2018: application now open 

“EMLUX - Master in Luxury Goods Management, represents the unique opportunity to understand the dynamics of luxury through the words and teachings of managers and experts of the luxury industry in a diverse and international context”

EMLUX full-time program will begin in September 2016 its 3rd edition and it stems from the experience of the EMLUX Executive part-time edition, which is today in its 6th edition.

EMLUX, Università Cattolica’s master in Luxury Goods Management, is aimed at those students who wish to begin their career path in the luxury industry, a sector that requires both an understanding of the process of creativity and a solid managerial approach in order to succeed in an international multifaceted environment.

With a concrete approach and its conjoint faculty of professionals and academics, EMLUX allows you to understand the peculiar logic and strategies of luxury companies, who master the ability to craft products that are desired by clients worldwide.

Starting from the necessary cultural foundations of luxury and the understanding of the utmost importance of craftsmanship and of the métiers d'art which are vital for this industry, EMLUX proceeds to unravel the managerial tools that dominate the functions of a luxury company, with a particular focus on brand management, retail, finance and accounting, which are key to obtain economic stability and long term growth.

EMLUX has been developed with a cross-functional perspective, exploring all areas, from marketing to supply chain, from accounting to communication, so as to give EMLUX students a complete overview of the managerial issues pertaining to the specificities of the luxury environment.

In terms of industry, EMLUX lecturers and professors share their experience developed in the main sectors, such as fashion and leather goods, watches and jewellery, yachts, automotive, wines&spirits, perfume&cosmetics and hotellerie”.

Roberta Crespi, Director of  EMLUX - Master in Luxury Goods Management


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