Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


“..Studying in the MIMM master was a great experience , I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, share opinions and cultural differences with colleagues. Professionals were taking lectures and were giving us very useful insight about the real work environment. I think the MIMM is a great starting experience for my carrier, I learned so much, I'm really satisfied of this experience and now I can say that I'm ready to start my carrier”.

Alessandra Buono, MIMM student from Italy

“..This experience changed my life and I am more than happy and grateful to study in the MIMM master. I felt very special and proud to be a part of Università Cattolica. I will never forget the words of Professor Tunisini, who said, you are not students for us – you are professionals. I think that connection between Economics and Psychology is an interesting methods to see Marketing from two different perspectives. We had great professionals and professors, and I really liked their way of teaching. Working in groups was a great plus. It is also extremely important to combine classical learning with a practical one. I also liked the time when we went outside of the class in shopping mall and some stores. In the end I am very satisfied with the level of work and with the level of interaction with the professors and coordinators. When I applied to this Master I expected and wanted to be busy with tasks and challenges, and I have to say I got that. Interculturality of this Master is a great plus and strength also.”
Roni Kert, MIMM student from Croatia

"..With my classmates we are like a MIMM family: we are together inside and outside the class. We all come from different countries so we have to care about each other and being helpful. And when you are abroad, this is highly appreciated. I’m sure I’ll keep great friends when the time of saying goodbye comes, but I’ll be always able to count on them wherever they will be around the globe. This is a really international family”.

Rosa Fernández Jiménez, MIMM student from Spain


“..MIMM master has been an amazing and challenging experience. In class the climate was very pleasant and I was very involved during the lessons (team works, conferences, meetings)”.
Federico Tavecchio, MIMM student from Italy


“..The idea about gathering different people from different countries was very efficient to learn about how other cultures are and how to manage the relationships. Combination of Italians and other cultures also helped us in both informal and formal contexts considering group projects and learning about Milan”.
Ezgi Özgün, MIMM student from Turkey


“..As far as I am concerned, the MIMM master provided me one of the best experience of my University career. It has been the right choice to finish my studies (it is the best alternative if you are looking for a more practical and shorter way to complete your studies and improve your English, necessary to enter in the labor market). I really appreciated the classroom climate based on respect and also the relationships with professors and managers; they have been always available to satisfy our requests. I will start my internship very soon and I am really excited about this opportunity”.
Benedetta Rimoldi, MIMM student from Italy