Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Field projects and Internship

Field projects

  • The field projects complement and complete the training objectives of the MIMM. They are opportunities for learning and training with companies, being characterized by a strong synergy between theory and practice.
  • The field projects are commissioned by a company/organization and coordinated by a company tutor representative and an academic one chosen ad hoc.
  • Being a group project, the field projects help building the capacity of teamwork and problem solving.
  • The field projects will take place from January till April 2018, during the afternoon free from lessons.

In the previous edition 2015-2016 and 2016-17 the following consulting projects have been launched:

Define the market opportunity, the positioning and the launch plan for the new 3M Curos product range.

Creation and coordination of the first community of owners, collectors and enthusiasts of Abarth cars.

Scorpionship 2.0 how to enlarge the fan base, new contents creation, how to engage fans in the community.
Define the characteristics of pasta  and dressing segment. Overview of the main product producers (products, existing differences with the Italian product, product and packaging innovation, performance, winning strategies). Market analysis (trend, market share, characteristics, sales analysis, sales areas, distribution channels).
Strategic advice to support assirm repositioning and associational marketing
A glance to the Food gift market: survey and perspectives as far as baskets and cases are concerned in the European markets.
Cortilia internationalization and business model development entering in new markets: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
HP Sprout: intercept new markets/applications and formulate a value proposition, a sale and communication model to dealers, identified also according to the specific market application developing a value proposition dealers should be promise to the final users.
Fraccaro internationalization entering in new markets: the American bakery market

Solid Wood for Housing: Global Market Research and Trend Analysis 2016 – 2020.

STRONG REASON WHY: Caravan and Marine Market. Global market research and trend analysis 2017-20


Students will complete the program by taking an internship at one of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’s partner companies, either in Italy or abroad.

It takes place at companies and organizations with an international orientation.
The internship search is supervised and managed by the Scientific Direction and the Didactic Coordination of MIMM, who oversee and ensure consistency and relevance of the internship contents with respect to the specialization areas of the Master.
It avails an administrative support by the Stage & Placement service.

The internship has a minimum duration of 3 months (full time commitment) and has to begin starting from May 2018.

A dedicated internship program is reserved to ICE EXPORT LAB JUNIOR