Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



4 Scholarships of 3.000 euro are available for candidates wishing to apply for the Master by 31st of July .

  • 2 Scholarships will be awarded to graduated students already graduated at  from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
  • 2 Scholarships will be awarded to students coming from a Faculty of Engineering

The scholarships will be covered the 3rd installment of master fee.

Requirements to apply for scholarship:

  • Bachelor or Master degree (any kind of background) 
  • Age 28-35
  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Work experience
  • Interest in international matters


MIB Corporate Scholarships may be available from the MIB Business Partners. These are companies who cooperate with MIB on a medium to long-term basis and may provide dedicated scholarships to selected MIB students.

Bright Future

MIB Bright Future Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship, to help meritorious Applicants holding a Bachelor degree issued by an Italian University financing their studies. The scholarship encompasses 30% or 50 % tuition waiver.
The scholarship may be granted by the Scientific Committee of the Master on the basis of the assessment of the applications received from the candidates admitted. One of requirement for the application is the submission of the GMAT along with the grades of the exams obtained during the bachelor. The scholarship will eventually be scored after the first quarter of the Master in consideration of the participants’ learning performance during the first quarter.

Early Bird (Expired)

The Early Bird application advantage scheme grants up to 10 € 3,000.00 scholarships to MIB candidates applying earlier than June 30th 2017 holding an Italian Bachelor Degree and completing the enrollment procedure within 5 working days, after receiving the confirmation of admission by email.

INPS Scholarships

More detailed information available soon  

Financial Aid

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore offers some possibilities of financial aid to applicants holding a Bachelor degree issued by an Italian University:

  • Full and partial academic scholarships may be awarded. Eligible candidates to apply for the scholarships are only those who have passed the selection process and are admitted to the MIB programme. (only for Italian citizens)