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“In the upcoming September Intake the MIB Master in International Business launches an additional class designed for participants with work experience. Aside the conventional MIB Class mostly made by participants who just earned a bachelor degree, with little or no work experience, 24 years old on average, we created an Executives’ Class designed for participants who are older than colleagues of the Regular MIB Class and could leverage on a few years work experience. Both classes are aiming to prepare talented participants for the challenges of a steadily evolving, multicultural business world. Programme contents, learning credits and workload are common to the two classes. However, the MIB Executives’ Class is especially valuable for candidates with a professional experience who want to make a significant change in their careers. The course content and the focus on personal development provide participants with new vision and new ambitions. Contents are designed according to firms’ requirements, allowing companies to select up-to-date competencies to successfully face global business perspectives in rapidly changing economies.

Alessandro Baroncelli, MIB Director.

The Master in International Business, promoted by the Faculty of Economics in Milan, aims to prepare talented participants for the challenges of a steadily evolving, multicultural business world.

The training provides enhanced technical, operational, conceptual and managerial skills and leads to positions at international firms and in a wide range of capacities, including business development, product development, sales management, purchasing, customer services, logistics and operations, consulting, market analysis, digital business and emerging markets.

The Master in International Business has forged links with an impressive network of firms both to design the courses and to provide the students with first-hand access to the international business world. Several practical work activities are offered with the main objective to turn academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional, multi-cultural experience. Topics and contents of the activities are jointly drafted with the hosting/coordinating companies, and the participant is thereby directly involved and plays an active role in the host company's internationalization process.

The Executives’ Class of the MIB programme will start on October 3rd 2016. It will be structured in 12 courses, combined with practical work activities, conferences held by Business executives, group works and business simulations.

Final part of the Master programme will consist on the Project Work designed as a transition between the MIB programme and the next step in participants’ life. It is an opportunity for them to put into practice the management and leadership skills acquired throughout the programme and to enjoy direct interaction with leading companies. Each project is supervised by a professor.


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