Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


"More than 10 nationalities in the same class, learning theoretical notions but mostly growing together and understanding how to solve business cases related to important Multinational Companies, supported by top Professors and Managers, all surrounded by an excellent organization. This is just a part of the meaning behind the acronym MIB. The MIB experience open your eyes and your mind in a way that I didn't think possible. After the Master I had the opportunity to work in one of the top French Banks and in less than one year I moved to Luxembourg to pursue my career in an important Consulting Company, just thank you, MIB."
Simone Marrazzo, Financial Services Consultant Wavestone

"After in experience of two years studying and working abroad, I understood that to be competitive in the work environment you should have had an international study path behind you. Here my decision of joining the MIB Master in International Business at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.
It has been an intense and challenging year, full of interesting lessons, conferences and field works. In my opinion, the most important part had been the field works. With the conferences you have the chance to better understand and get in contact with some of the main multinational companies in the Italian market. Furthermore, you have the big opportunity to collaborate with one of them for a project, a field work. There is no better chance to learn how to translate your studies in real work activities, understand how a multinational company is organized and never the least, to show the best of you and get your opportunity in a real work environment.
If you are looking for a connection within your study and the work environment, the MIB master fits perfectly on you."    
Matteo Bernardi, Sales Analyst Henkel

"The Master in International Business contains the necessary elements and fitting for a promising, growing international career path. Practical work experiences combined with theoretical studies, development of interpersonal skills, cultures and backgrounds are few of the abilities owned during this experience. The collaboration with huge Multinational Corporations has sparked a greater aspiration to work in a global business environment and the courses aim to have a good understanding of the constantly changing business models, which is related to the effect and determinants of globalization."
Francesco Fiore, intern at 3M Company

"The MIB Master gives you a great practical start and knowledges for what the "real work environment" is. We had the opportunity to collaborate with many national and multinational companies through interactive conferences hosted by managers, and working in groups for the field work project. If you want to prepare yourself for a future in an international business environment and you want to discover new cultures I suggest you to apply for MIB Master in International Business."
Filippo Urani, Marketing Product Manager at Bosch SPA

"One of the most beneficial aspects of the MIB Master was the diversity of the classmates. I worked with a wide range of people from different cultures, way of thinking, communicating, and experiences. This has been an invaluable part of my experience as it has made me a more well-rounded professional and team player. As an added bonus, I now have professional contacts all around the world."
Haleigh Elizabeth Higgins, Sales Manager at PSAV, Denver, Colorado

“The opportunity to work as intern in a multinational company as Robert Bosch Spa has been really challenging. I have been recruited in the Indirect Purchasing Office as ‘Buyer Assistant’.”
I worked with very nice colleagues, that since my admission into the company, gave me the chance to approach my new tasks gradually, helping me to understand and learn in depth the importance of the role covered by the Indirect Purchasing Office within the functioning of the company. During my internship I had the opportunity to develop multiple skills thanks to the variety of work: I discovered which are the requirements of a company on the basis of internal applicant sectors, I learnt how a purchase process is composed and how to manage the negotiation phase using comprehensively  all the available IT Tools. In my experience I have strengthened my communicative and interpersonal skills, my ability to manage my work for the achievement of defined results, giving primary relevance to the relation with the suppliers while always maintaining  a professional attitude.”
Olimpia Petrasek, Buyer Finmeccanica Helicopter Division

“During my internship, I had the opportunity to work as a Trainee for Expedia Inc., the leader in the online travel agencies market.
I had the chance to learn and to share this experience with amazing people who taught me to have a positive and proactive approach to work, to be curious and always ready to learn as much as I could.
During the first two weeks, I followed an intense training during which I had the opportunity to experience different aspects of the work I would daily carry out during the internship.
This training was made up of different parts, both theoretical and practical.
I also learnt how to relate with people in a professional and polite way, and how to deal with a completely different environment from the one I’ve had always experienced.
Besides the abilities I developed, I had the chance to use the knowledge I brought with me from my studies, such as economic and language knowledge. Economy helped in understanding how the accounting part works. This has been my very first working experience and I think I’ve dealt with it”
Giulia Libertino, Market Associate  EXPEDIA Inc.