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Partecipants profile and Career prospects

Participants profile

The Master in Cultural Heritage: creativity, innovation and management, is designed, primarily, for young professionals and brilliant students from all over the world graduated by July 2017, in Economics, Humanities and Social Science. Ideally, the candidate should have at least a few years work experience in the arts, culture, fashion or tourism field, typically in the junior/middle management level positions. Candidates without any job experience, or coming from  other fields, will also be considered, and evaluated according to their CVs and outcome of the motivational interview. Young people, therefore, who are seeking to develop their CVs through a combination  of taught classes with emphasis on creative thinking and direct experience of managerial processes, in which success is built on innovation.   

Career prospects

The master is specifically designed to attract candidates who are interested in the heritage area, inclined to work in policy or management careers, as well as those who are engaged with the cultural and sustainable side of tourism.
On completing the course, the new professionals will have acquired multidisciplinary skills placing them in position to address themes of greater importance and complexity and thus allowing them to meet a vast number of professional profiles in the culture and creative industries.
The Master’s approach is will be useful for a great number of careers because it provides transferable skills as well as an integrated approach for different careers. They will be experts in the fields of culture,  the economy and management, and thus capable of perfectly integrating in multi-sectorial contexts. Leaders who can create new business because they will have acquired sufficient tools to set out down path of social entrepreneurship for the creation of new start-up and companies.