Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


The Master is organized in collaboration with: Gruppo Banca Sella, Deloitte Consulting, Intesa Sanpaolo, Prometeia, SAS, Unicredit.

“CRERIM is the only Italian Specializing Master program on Credit Risk Management.Managing credit model development at Unicredit, I think that after Basilea 2 credit models have become fundamental and today play a key role in financial companies and banks like Unicredit. What we need is the possibility to hire highly specialized resources. That is why this Master’s program, through its specific design and perspective, allows professionals to meet potentially skilled figures who may become the new generation of organizations like ours”.
Emanuele Giovannini - Head of Credit Models Development Italy at Unicredit

“The specific training in risk management is extremely important to meet the demands of banks nowadays. The placement opportunities in the area of risk management is more and more relevant. The competence provided by CRERIM, besides specializing on contents, has also the plus of equipping participants with a logic approach and methods on which they will be able to rely throughout their future professional experience”.
Tommaso Giordani - Chief Risk Officer, Banca Sella

“CRERIM is a fundamental qualification in order to face in the best way possible the consulting activity, by combining organizational aspects with methods and with the knowledge necessary to develop risk measurement tools and techniques. CRERIM therefore represents an excellent model to consulting companies like Deloitte, that demand highly skilled profiles”.
Antonio Arfè - Partner at Deloitte

“The value of the contribution provided by managers and case studies within the curriculum of the program enables the participants to acquire a better knowledge of the professional environment, i.e. of their possible activities, and of the issues they will need to face in their field everyday. CRERIM enables them to understand corporate processes and the kind of functions they will be have to manage, thanks to the expertise acquired during the Master’s course”.
Anselmo Marmonti – Manager Business Development, Risk Management Solutions at SA