Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


“Attending CRERIM is an enriching experience, both from a professional and a human point of view. I’m referring to the acquisition of practical skills in the risk management field; to the quality of the Faculty and to their concrete approach to the different events within a company, besides definitely being a privileged access to job placement.”
Francesca Mazzei - Assistant Manager, Financial Risk Management at KPMG, V edition


“To me CRERM has represented the concrete way to enter a field apparently far from my degree in Physics, by giving me the necessary expertise and allowing me to take the chance to live an important work experience thanks to an internship in London.”
Alessandro Vistocco, Enterprise Risk Manager, Deutsche Bank, V  edition


“I attended Master CRERIM in 2012, after having graduated in finance in Università Politecnica delle Marche and an internship experience in Bnb Paribas. I deeply appreciated the Master for being pragmatic and job-focused, teaching useful statistical softwares (SAS) that I used soon after ending the course.  Moreover,  teachers are both academic and professionals from the main players in the Risk Management sector. Shortly after I completed the Master, I started working for a consulting firm. After one year, I moved into the Risk Management department in UniCredit Group.”
Paolo Cantiani, Credit Risk Analyst, UniCredit, III edition


"I attended the 2012 class of the CRERIM. It has been a fantastic opportunity for me to grow personally and professionally. I learned a lot, thanks also to a “hands on” approach, and after the master my career had a sudden turning point, allowing me to enter the business of Risk Management, sensibly improve my career chances and giving me the opportunity to work for one of the leading European commercial banks."
Federico Arnaboldi, Senior Auditor, Royal Bank of Scotland, III edition


"CRERIM has been for me the connection between the study of the subject and the working environment: thanks to the class lessons held by professionals, to the SAS course and to the final internship at Prometeia, I got a professional background that one usually achieves after at least 2 years of working experience.”
Claudia Plati , Associate, UniCredit, I edition