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“If you choose to take part to the Master in Corporate Communications, in a year your life will completely change! It will give you so many chances to push yourself over your limits and to become a new and more aware person and professional.
I've been inspired by brilliant speakers and skilled professionals who helped me to start my career with the right attitude and an open mind. Having the opportunity to work in team with students from different countries will help you to understand what working in an international environment means. 
The luck of having successful professionals as teachers and the importance of networking is something that you may understand only after the end of the Master, while you'll be on your first job experience.
My personal wish for the new students is to accept and take advantage of every single challenge the Master will give you, be committed and try to make the best of it!”
Elisa Ventrici, Sonae Sierra

“7 learning experiences” that make this master a real point of difference.

1.Teamwork skills: I found myself working between different nationalities and discussing abstract concepts in English about worldwide brands, so it gets fun (I really meant to say difficult), but learning brand communication from people all around the world creates a new mindset and expand your insights. 2. Presentation skills: Being on a stage might not represent a challenge for some, but having the skills to deliver a concept in an accurate way requires a lot of practice. I learned that preparation is the 80% of success. 3. Since the beginning we are taught about holistic visions. Not only as a communication approach but as a mind setter of how to perceive our environment to discover and create accurate insights 4. It is allowed to make mistakes during the master, but as the program goes on you are not allowed to get stock. It makes you failed but it takes you to grow from that 5. Participation helped me make the most out of the master, I lived experiences for raising my hand that wouldn’t happen elsewhere. 6. There were moments/lectures/learnings that made me feel I was exactly where I needed to be. 7. It empowers you to get as far as you want to. I didn’t write about the lessons, the content, the lectures because I believe that is to be discovered.

So even if one might learn communication and marketing strategies anywhere around the world, this master has a special ‘soul’ with its professors, environment and natural development  that makes it a completely ‘must do’ for any passionate communicator.”
Ornela Cumplido, LeoBurnett

“I chose the International Master Corporate Communication mainly for the well-known excellence level of UCSC and then I was impressed by the depth and quality of the lectures. I loved working and studying alongside young professionals from so many countries, who provided a rich variety of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Choosing this Master and going the extra mile at studying and networking will represent a unique kickstart for your career!
Thanks to the high quality marketing and account management skills provided by the Master I've been able to land a job as Head of Account Management in Foodora, Rocket Internet group, just one year after graduating.”
Massimilano MesenascoFoodora

“Studying the Master of Corporate Communications in UCSC was most certainly a life-changing experience for me. There are so many aspects of the masters that I loved, but if I have to choose a single one it would be how the program is being conducted. This is not like any other theoretical master studies where the students read endless articles, write those of their own and take exams. It is very very hands-on; hence it prepares you for the real life. We had the chance to meet so many professionals - a networking opportunity you can only imagine, work practically for a number of strong, international companies and visited many international companies from a variety of industries. Needless to say, each of these opened up new windows to our perception of communications. 
Another very important aspect of the master for me was how it helped me develop myself as a person. I've met the most amazing people and I am quite sure I'll have them in my life for a long long time. Leaving everyone you know behind, coming to a totally strange country, being able to experience life there (with both ups & downs) is incredibly nourishing. And for anyone thinking about doing that, I would gladly suggest Italy & our master.”
Eda Dikmen, Orta Anadolu

“I think that the strongest aspect of the Master in Corporate Communication is the fact that it provides invaluable networking opportunities that may launch your career after you graduate. It personally gave me the chance to meet many influential business executives who I would normally never have access to, most of them either teaching a full course in UCSC or being guest lecturers from top international companies and partner universities abroad. After I finished my studies I had the rare chance to continue to work with a few of my professors who also have impressive business connections outside the university. These partnerships opened many doors for me and and helped me grow professionally both in Italy and the USA.”
Nikolay Shatarov, Digital Marketing Consultant, Duepuntozero  

“Having the opportunity of studying my Master Degree in Corporate Communications at UCSC has been a fruitful experience. I just finished the second module and to be honest, it has been my favorite so far. We had the chance to work along some of the most successful and well-known corporations worldwide such as Mars, Leo Burnett and We are social. Not only has it given me a 360° vision of what is currently happening in big corporations, but it has also been a challenge to convey the classic knowledge with the new 2.0 generation I represent. It helped me to discover and define more accurately my passion within the area of communications. Without a doubt, I’m excited and looking forward for the new upcoming activities.”
Sabrina Moschella, Account Assistant , Saatchi & Saatchi

“My passion for communication and the desire to develop my critical thinking led me to enhance my education through the International Postgraduate Master in Corporate Communication.
This program was the most challenging and personally rewarding educational experience I have ever had.
The interdisciplinary design of the program elicited my interests in areas that I had never considered before. These studies have been invaluable during my career as they prepared me for an internship in the strategic department of a media agency. While I was working as Market Analyst in the strategic department I also participated and won the Italian competition "I Giovani Leoni" and therefore I could take part in the Young Lions Media Competition at the The Cannes Lions International Festival of Advertising Creativity. Wow...that was an amazing experience and I left it with a fresh perspective of the landscape of creative work and inspired by new insights!
The amount of personal and professional growth I have experienced over the last three years is truly remarkable and I would like to thank the International Postgraduate Master in Corporate Communication for helping me become the professional I am today.”
Veronica Scottoni, Research Consultant, TNS UK

“Hi guys, I’m Francesca! I attented the 3° edition of the Corporate Communication Master in Cattolica University and I can say that from last year my life is completely changed!
Thanks to the amazing adventure of this Master I lived a lot of challenging experiences working together with my collegues every day! We faced our fears, crossed our limits and expanded our horizons. My international experience continued this summer, with the attendance of a Summer School in Boston with one of our American Master professors!
Thanks to this Master I also had the chance to start my professional career! Since June 2014 I’m working in an important communication agency in Italy and abroad and I’m learning every day new things working as digital account.”
Francesca Schiavone, Ogilvy & Mather

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