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Corporate communication

Today being a very communicative person is not enough to succeed in the corporate communication career. You need to be actively trained to get the skills and competences to face the latest challenges of a continuously evolving scenario.

People acting like opinion leaders and communication experts in their networks of peers, consumers interacting with brands and co-creating value with them (or even against them), stakeholders seeking dialogue with organizations like activists, companies facing the challenge of two-way conversations…this is the communication scenario we live in!

That’s why going back in 2010 we decided to launch the International Postgraduate Master in Corporate Communication IPMCC leveraging on the competences developed by LABCOM -Research Lab on Corporate Communication over more than two decades of research activities in the communication field, and on the professional mastery of communication executives belonging to the main companies and communication agencies operating in the national area. 

The effective blend between academic and managerial perspectives will encourage you to develop an open, creative, professional and flexible mindset, providing a unique set of competences that will enable you to outperform in every sector of the corporate communication field, both in companies and in agencies.

IPMCC develops a managerial and pragmatic approach and imply your active participation by getting you involved in group discussions and assignments to stimulate team building, pragmatism, problem solving and critical thinking.

As a participant in the program, you will undertake a 12-month journey that will guide you to obtain a comprehensive and high level training in areas such as: branding and brand communication, consumer behavior, corporate and marketing public relations, interactive and social media marketing communications, advertising creative and media strategy, qualitative and quantitative market research, effective presentations and public speaking, internal communication and employer branding, business-to-business relationships, cross-cultural communication and international negotiation skills.

If you feel ready to become a 360° communication professional and you wish to undertake an innovative, rich and enjoyable learning path, we are happy to invite you to join our Master program and experience the academic and business network it provides. Enjoy it!

Prof.Maria Zoia, Director of Master in Corporate Communication


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Corporate communication
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