Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Behavioral skills

Given the general economic and social trends and the specific features of creative and artistic industries, it is very important to develop self-management abilities to wisely build up a career in these fields.

In light of this, the master in arts management aims to support participants in deeply understanding their characteristics, their aspirations, and how to make the most of them through specific activities to be carried out along the program.

These activities are meant to improve self-awareness and to better understand how to explore and approach the working life. In particular, the master programs support participants in:

  • Understanding and assessing their behavioural and technical skills
  • Understanding and assessing their relational abilities and preferred decision making strategies
  • Identifying points of strength and of improvement
  • Defining a self-development plan
  • Using a toolbox of readings and exercises
  • Re-assessing skills and behaviors at the end of the program to work further on their development plan