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The Master in Arts Management, consistently with its mission, offers a faculty composed of distinguished Italian and international scholars. The strong academic background of the faculty is integrated with a prestigious network of professionals and experts in order to provide students with a solid theoretical backbone along with a practical perspective on impacts and implications.

Director of the Program 

Francesco Tedeschi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Francesco Tedeschi is Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History in the Art and Philosophy Department at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore since 2000. He teaches Contemporary Art History in the Master of Archeology and Art History in Milan, as well as in the Master of Modern Philology in Brescia. He teaches Contemporary Art in the master course Contemporary Forms of Visual and Literary Expression within the degree in Media Languages. He is an historian and art critic who is involved in the design and production of art exhibitions, as well as in editorial projects for specialized journals. He curated the exhibition “Cantiere del ‘900” for the Intesa Sanpaolo Collection.
His recent publications include:

  • “La Scuola di New York. Origini, vicende, protagonisti” (Vita & Pensiero, Milano, 2004);
  • “Il mondo ridisegnato. Arte e geografia nella contemporaneità” (Vita & Pensiero, Milano, 2011).  

Ginevra Addis (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Ginevra Addis is a PhD candidate in Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage at IMT; also School for Advanced Studies, and Teaching Assistant of Professor Elena Di Raddo (Associate Professor of Contemporary Art) at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. She worked abroad in non-profit organization, such as More Art (NY), and in international organizations such as United Nation (NY) and UNESCO (Paris). Since 2009 she collaborates with some reviews such ‘Hestetika’ or ‘Venezia Excellence’.
She is director and curator of the association International Artistic Hub. She was curator of some contemporary art exhibitions.Her recent publications include:

  • “Creative Energy. Art for renewable”, Manfredi Editore, Imola, December 2016;
  • “The advantages of Peter Greenaway’s technique in the valorisation of art masterpieces inside museums and in the cities”, LYNX Conference, 2015, IMT, Lucca (forthcoming).

Filippo Andreatta (Artist - Theatre Director)
BA in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, and MA in Performing and Visual Arts at IUAV, University of Venice. In 2008, he founded OHT and decided against accepting an invitation from the RCSSD, University of London, to attend an MA in Performance Practices and Research, choosing instead to work for the Berlin-based ensemble “Nico and the Navigators”. For two years time, he has been set-designer of Teatro Sociale di Trento for opera productions and artistic advisor of the city of Rovereto. In 2014, he was acting for the Belgian company Peeping Tom at La Biennale di Venezia. Since 2015, he's co-curator of Drodesera Festival in Centrale Fies. Master Arts.

Chiara Bernasconi (Museum of Modern Arts, NYC)
Chiara Bernasconi is Assistant Director in Digital Media at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.  She has worked on design and production across all interpretive technology, including the museum's website, MoMA.org as well as interpretative kiosks, digital displays, and mobile applications. Chiara has an MA in Arts administration from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BS in Economics for arts from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.
She has collaborated in participatory events with two curatorial collectives, has conducted artist walks with the NYC-based organization, Elastic City, and has curated an artist’s residency in her native Italy. Awards received include the Webbys, Communication Arts Interactive, How Interactive Design and FWA (Favorite Website Awards). She has produced two short films, ‘Stone Cars’ and ‘Stop’, which have played at various film festivals including Cannes, Sundance and Tribeca.

William Byrnes (Southern Utah University – Cedar City, UT)
William Byrnes is Professor of Arts Administration at Southern Utah University and author of the best-selling book ‘Management and the Arts’. Previously, he was Dean of the College of performing and visual arts and Associate Provost at SUU from 2009 to 2014.

Elena Cantù (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Elena Cantù is Associate Professor of Management at the Catholic University in Milan, Italy. She teaches management and accounting at undergraduate, graduate and master level. She is the Coordinator of the Accounting Systems Area at Cerismas (Centre for Research and Studies in Healthcare Management). Her research interests include: financial statement analysis and auditing; budgeting and reporting in governments, international institutions; healthcare management; management, accounting and performance disclosure in the art and cultural sector.

Livia Cavaglieri (Università di Genova)
Livia Cavaglieri is Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts at University of Genoa, where she also teaches “Theatre History” and “Organization and Economics in the Arts”.She studied Humanities at the University of Milan, at Freie Universität Berlin (Erasmus), at Stiftung Archiv Akademie der Künste Berlin (research internship) and at Sacro Cuore University of Milan (PhD, 2002). In 2014 she obtained a grant “Research in Paris” for the project “L’influence française sur les stratégies de protection du droit des auteurs théâtraux en Italie”.
Her recent publications include:

  • “Trust teatrali e diritto d’autore (1894-1910). La tentazione del monopolio”, Titivillus, 2012
  • “Tra arte e mercato. Agenti e agenzie teatrali nel XIX secolo”, Bulzoni, Roma 2006.

Francesco Chiaravalloti  (University of Amsterdam, Holland)
Francesco Chiaravallotti is Assistant Professor of Cultural Policy at the University of Amsterdam, where he currently directs the BA program in Cultural Studies. He holds a PhD in Business and Economics from the University of Groningen, a Master of Science in Business Engineering from the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, and a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the Conservatory Giovanni Paisiello, Italy. As a researcher, with his publications in arts management journals and his studies of accountability in leading opera houses, he is becoming an authoritative voice in the field of performance evaluation in the arts. As a lecturer, he is responsible for courses in arts marketing, arts management, cultural entrepreneurship, consumer behavior in the arts, and cultural policy.

Federica De Molli (Università della Svizzera Italiana, USI)
Federica De Molli is Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA), at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), in Switzerland and Teaching Assistant at the University of Milan-Bicocca (Department of Sociology and Social Research), in Italy. After having gained a Master in Management and Communication for Cultural Heritage, she started to work in fundraising, project management and relationship marketing for companies and cultural institutions, following projects in countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Her research is located within Organization Studies, focusing on cultural organizations, creative industries, aesthetics of organizations, and the relationship between cultural organizations and territory.

Marta Massi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Marta Massi has been doctoral scholar at LUMSA University in Rome (Italy) and a visiting research associate at Deakin University in Melbourne (Australia) where she conducted research upon branding in arts and cultural organizations. She is currently a PhD candidate in Management at Carleton University, Canada. She has taught B2B marketing and international business at Carleton University, Canada, and is currently teaching arts and culture marketing and management of arts organizations at the Catholic University in Milan. Her work has been published both on Italian and international journals such as Economia della Cultura, Journal of Consumer Affairs and International Journal of Technology Management. She has presented her work at several editions of the AIMAC Conference (International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management).
Her recent publications include:

  • Massi, Marta Harrison, Paul; Chalmers, Kathryn; Beyond Door-to-Door: the Implications of Invited-home Selling; The Journal of Consumer Affairs (2013);
  • Massi, Marta; Iasevoli, Gennaro; The Relationship between the Sustainable Business Management and Competitiveness: Research Trends and Challenges; International Journal of Technology Management (2011);
  • Massi, Marta; Harrison, Paul; Gaining Deeper Insight into Audiences and Artists. The Use of Auto ethnography in Arts Research (2013).

Kevin McManus (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Kevin McManus is a critic and historian of modern and contemporary art. He is part of the research team of the Department of History, Archaeology and Art History (formerly Institute of Art History) at Università Cattolica in Milan, where he graduated and received his MA in Art History with honours and his Ph.D. He works as an Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts at the Brescia campus, and as a Lecturer of Modern and Contemporary Art in the Post-Graduate program at the Milan campus. From 2008 to 2014 he taught Art Criticism and Writing at the Brescia campus. He is among the contributors of the contemporary art journals “Titolo” and “Espoarte”.
His recent publications include:

  • K. McManus, “Italiani a Harvard. Costantino Nivola, Mirko Basaldella e il Design Workshop (1954-1970)”, Milan: Franco Angeli, 2015;
  • K. McManus, “Altrove e qui. L'immagine cinematografica nella video-installazione contemporanea”, in C. Casero, M. Guerra, a cura di, “Le immagini tradotte. Usi passaggi trasformazioni”, Reggio Emilia: Diabasis, 2011, 64-78;
  • K. McManus, “Il tempo meccanico. Astrazione, cinema, movimento”, in L. Di Corato, E. Di Raddo, F. Tedeschi (eds.), “Dada 1916: la nascita dell'antiarte”, exhibition catalogue (Brescia, Museo di Santa Giulia, 2 October 2016-26 February 2017), Cinisello Balsamo: Silvana Editoriale, 2016, 162-181.

Raffaele Mellace (Università di Genova)
Raffaele Mellace graduated in Humanities at University of Milan, in oboe at Conservatory of Bologna, obtained a PhD in Musicology at University of Bologna and the Sommer Hoch Schule Diploma from the University of Vienna. In 2014 he has been awarded the “C.M. Martini International Award”, for his book on Bach’s Cantatas. He is currently associate professor of Musicology and History of Music at University of Genoa, where he is Coordinator of the Graduate Studies Program in Modern Literatures and Performing Arts. He has been writing regularly for ‘Teatro alla Scala’ in Milan since 1993. He has been writing program notes for opera houses and concert seasons in Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Spain.
His recent publications include:

  • “Johann Adolf Hasse”, L’Epos, 2004.

Ivana Pais (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Ivana Pais is Associate Professor in Economic Sociology at Università Cattolica, Milano. Her research interest focuses on social networks in labour markets, organizations and entrepreneurship. In particular, she investigates new ways of working through social media: crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, coworking, sharing, bartering and making. Her publications include:
Ivana Pais and Giancarlo Provasi. "Sharing Economy: A Step towards the Re-Embeddedness of the Economy?"; Stato e mercato 3 (2015): 347-378;

  • Pais, Ivana; Guerzoni, Marco; Peirone, Dario; Miglietta, Angelo. The Emerging Crowdfunding Market in Italy: Are “the Crowd” Friends of Mine?. In Bruntje, Dennis; Gajda, Oliver (Eds) Crowdfunding in Europe. State of the Art in Theory and Practice 2015, pp.87-96;
  • Pais, Ivana; Castrataro, Daniela. Crowdfunding and free labor: gift, exploitation or investment? In Sociologia del Lavoro, vol. 2014 (133).

Chiara Paolino (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Chiara Paolino is Assistant professor of Organization Theory and Behaviour at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. She teaches Organization Design, HR Management and Organizational Behaviour at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level, both in the School of Economics and of Arts and Philosophy. Her research interests revolve around diversity management, people management topics in traditional as well as in creativity and arts-based settings and the role of art as an organizational artefact. She is also passionate about adult learning dynamics and how art can contribute to effective learning outcomes.
Her publications include:

  • Magni, M., Paolino, C., Cappetta, R., & Proserpio, L. (2013). Diving too deep: How cognitive absorption and group learning behaviour affect individual learning. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 12(1), 51-69;
  • Paolino C, Bissola R, Imperatori B (2016). Practices combination and collections’ configurations: A complementarity-based approach to corporate collections. EGOS 2016;
  • Paolino C, Resti, C. (2017) Arte e Azienda: le corporate art collection in Italia. ECONOMIA E DIRITTO DEL TERZIARIO, ISSN: 1593-9464.

Francesca Pola (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Francesca Pola is Contemporary Art Historian, Curator and Writer, currently teaching at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and IES Abroad. Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer and Curator of Multimedia Projects at ‘Gallerie d’Italia’ and of Contemporary Art at ‘Villa Pisani’, she is also a Contributor for Artforum and a distinguished Italian Member of the International Scientific Advisory Board and Research Group, of ZERO foundation (Düsseldorf). She has worked as Curator for the ‘MACRO Museo d’Arte Contemporanea’, in Rome (2009-2011).
More information at: www.francescapola.it.
Her recent publications include:

  • The “Museo sperimentale”. From Utopia to New Identities, in Torino sperimentale 1959-1969, Allemandi, Turin 2010, pp. 362-413;
  • Fabio Sargentini’s L’Attico, Electa, Milan 2010 (with L. M. Barbero);
  • Rome, We Were the Avant-Garde, Electa, Milan 2010 (with L. M. Barbero).

Michele Trimarchi (Università di Catanzaro)
Michele Trimarchi is Professor of Public Economics at the University “Magna Graecia” of Catanzaro and associate Professor at the University of Bologna. He is a member of the International Council (Creative Industries Federation, London). Trimarchi is also Coordinator of the Lateral Thinking Lad and both founder member and president of Tools for Culture, in Rome.
His recent publications include:

  • “Le biblioteche in Italia: valori, risorse, strategie” (con F. Dian, S. Monti e S. Zanini), Milano, Angeli, 2012;
  • “Oltre la crisi. Cultura, occupazione, giovani nelle Regioni del Mezzogiorno”(curatore, con S. Monti), Soveria Mannelli, Rubbettino, 2012;
  • “Culture and the City: Public Action and Social Participation in Rome’s Experience” (con I. Litardi e L. Pastore), Journal of Business and Economics, 2016, vol. 7, n. 7, pp. 1168-81.

Arianna Visconti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Arianna Visconti has a PhD in Italian and Comparative Criminal Law (2008), she is Assistant Professor in Criminal Law in the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, where she teaches ‘Law and the Arts’. She is senior member of CSGP (“Federico Stella” Centre for Research on Criminal Justice and Policy) in the same University. She is currently involved in the coordination of an international project on the implementation of Directive 2012/29/EU for victims of corporate crimes and corporate violence.  She is also appointed lecturer for the UCSC Higher School of Specialization in Legal Professions.
Her recent publications include:

  • Visconti e S. Manacorda, “Beni culturali e sistema penale”, Milan, 2013;
  • “Protecting Cultural Heritage as a Common Good of Humanity: A Challenge for Criminal Justice”, Milan, 2014;
  • “Trafficking in Cultural Property”, in N. Boister and R.J. Currie (eds.); “Routledge Handbook of Transnational Criminal Law”, London-New York, 2015.


Alessia Zorloni (Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM)
Alessia Zorloni, cultural economist and consultant specializing in the art markets and the museum field, is Adjunct. Professor at IULM University and at Catholic University, Milan, Italy. She worked as an Associate Researcher at The Boston Consulting Group in the Milan office. Furthermore, she worked at the Wien Kunsthalle, where she completed a three-year research project on museum management funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Zorloni has been a visiting scholar at the Tate Modern, Guggenheim Foundation and at the Smithsonian Institution, where she has been awarded the Smithsonian’s Fellowship in Museum Practice. She also received a Ph.D in Economics of Communication from IULM University and a Master's Degree in Arts Management from City University, London.
Her recent publications include:

  • “Art Wealth Management. Managing of Private Art Collections”, Springer, Berlin 2016.
  • “Economics of Contemporary Art. Markets, Strategies and Stardom”, Springer, Berlin 2013.

Master Staff

Participants will be supported, among the others, by a dedicated tutor and by a team specifically in charge of relationships with partner companies and institutions.

Coordination & Internship program

Chiara Paolino
Faculty of Economics and Management

Marta Massi
Faculty of Economics and Management