Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Giurisprudenza

Thursday 15 July

Dear students,

I hereby inform you that the exams for the fall session will continue to be held remotely.

As regards lectures, they will be held in presence. Students, however, will have the possibility to attend lectures from home simultaneously (the so-called dual mode).

I wish you a pleasant summer on behalf of the faculty.

Stefano Solimano

Wednesday 18 March

Dear Students,

we do understand  that from home you are waiting to know the dates of the February and March exams that you missed. As you know, as long as this state of emergency continues, we will take remote exams. This delay in communication was due to technical and organizational reasons: most of the dates are already available on our website. The remaining ones will be uploaded by March 19. Please be aware that we are really committed. I thank you for your time and attention.

Best Wishes
Stefano Solimano

Monday 16 March

Dear Students,

Online teaching has now become common practice. The faculty would like to thank you for the messages of encouragement that you have sent: your feedback is important to us. 45 teachers have delivered 271 lectures so far through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Forensic pathology activities have been streamed. In some cases the professors/lecturers have taken different paths: shared documents, audio comments, commented Power Point slides. Diversi, sed non adversi, the Medieval Jurists would have said in this situation. Do not miss the opportunity to talk to your professors and lecturers, all you need is an email.

Exams and graduation sessions

The general document that you can consult on the website explains how to carry out exams and graduation sessions remotely.

Our offices assured me that by tomorrow the dates for the February and March exams will be published, which are necessary in order not to miss the graduation session and also allow the registration to the Albo dei Praticanti (Junior Lawyer Register). On Friday some dates appeared by mistake (not agreed with professors), then cancelled by the same offices: it seems fit to say quandoque diabolus...

The dates for the first year's calls that were planned for the beginning of April have been postponed.

I will keep you up to date. I would like to thank the representatives for the work they are doing. Studying is of great help in these (and for these) times of general seclusion and anxiety.

On Saturday evening a Professor of this Faculty sadly passed away, Piero Schlesinger. He wasa Master who has trained generations of Italian jurists also thanks to his very clear manual of private law, and has been a professor at our University for over thirty years. We then gratefully entrust his soul to our faithful Creator, so that he can continue to do good in Heaven.

Stefano Solimano

Saturday 7 March

Dear Students,
I would like to send you a further update in the light of the recent measures requiring the suspension of teaching activities. On the basis of what indicated by our Rector, I would like to share the following guidelines.

Online teaching
We will continue, as indicated by our University, to adopt online distance learning until the classroom lectures can be resumed. Our Faculty's professors and instructors have been working to ensure that you can continue your courses (for you, newly enrolled students, this means another few weeks!) through the video/audio lectures on the Collaborate Ultra platform. I would like to point out that this tool (which involves a much greater commitment for the professors and instructors than a simple streaming lecture, and which raises a sort of interest especially in the media) allows you to take notes and stop, and then start the lecture again. It also allows optimal interaction between slides and content. I would kindly ask, you, at this point, to register on Blackboard.
Student reception hours
You can contact your professors and instructors and agree with them how to communicate.
Graduation and Exam sessions
As for the graduation session in April, we are expecting to examine new technical possibilities that will be agreed with the whole University. I well understand that the students of the final years have been waiting for the recovery of the session at the end of February. I would ask them to be patient for a few more days, in light of the critical scenario we are currently experiencing.
The professors of the Faculty encourage you to hold tight (and to keep on studying, of course).
Best Wishes
Stefano Solimano

Thursday, 5 March

Dear Students,

The announcement of a further week of suspension of the teaching activities once again changes the situation in this emergency scenario. The recovery of frontal lectures at the end of the ordinary academic calendar will not be possible, or will be only partially possible.
It is therefore essential to compensate with online teaching.
It is necessary that you enrol in the Blackboard platform for the courses you are attending.

Best Wishes
Stefano Solimano


Wednesday, March 4

Dear Students,

First of all, I invite you to read the Rector’s message, who is a professor at our Faculty.
From an operational point of view, this week's lectures will be recovered as follows:

First year: the lessons end on 20 March and there will be a recovery from  23 to 27 March.

Second and Third year: end April 17, recovery from April 20 to 24.

Fourth and Fifth Year: classes end on May 23; recovery week from May 25 to 29.

In order not to create further difficulties, our Faculty does not wish to change the dates of scheduled exam sessions.

The teaching activities of the first week (24-28 February) will be recovered following the instructions given by professors and lecturers:

on the Teacher's Personal Page (PPD);

on professors’ BlackBoard platform, for those who use it (slides and written texts);

The University communicates through iCatt, apps and our University official website. Professors communicate via BlackBoard and their personal PPD. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to iCatt and the app, as well as the website <www.unicatt.it>, BlackBoard and the PPD.

If the Authorities decide to extend the suspension of frontal teaching, distance learning will be implemented by means of video lectures recorded on the BlackBoard platform.

N. B. To have access to the contents it is necessary that everyone is enrolled on BlackBoard.

This morning  I met the Student Representatives in order to listen to your suggestions or concerns. I would like to thank them for the work they are doing in this difficult moment. All changes will be communicated by me with a new letter.

Please believe that our University's commitment is the highest at all levels.

Best Wishes by the whole Faculty

The Dean
Stefano Solimano