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DAP – Data Analytics Program Companies and students discuss the most innovative projects in the field of data science


Ore: 14.00

Via Nirone 15

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The event is open to the students enrolled in the Master of Science in Statistical and Actuarial Science - Data Analytics for Business and Economics Profile – in order to provide the opportunity to discuss with data science experts on the most advanced projects in the field.


2.00 pm - Reception and registration

2.30pm - Round Table

One table for each project: students may choose the table of interest. Companies will meet 2/3 groups of students.







1st  Round Table

15 students

15 students

15 students

15 students

2nd Round Table

15 students

15 students

15 students

15 students


At the end of each session, students can submit their CV to companies’ representatives.

Online registration is required via the following links:

A2A Round Table click here

Allianz Round Table click here

Envision Reply Round Table click here

Intesa Sanpaolo Round Table click here

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