Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Methods and topics in arts management - MaTAM

MaTAM (Methods and Topics in Arts Management) is a new profile entirely taught in English. It has the goal of providing students with a strong international perspective on visual and performing arts management. Especially, the profile focuses on the following areas:

  • Advanced courses in the field of Arts Management, aimed at transferring advanced competences to students, ranging from entrepreneurial capabilities to the application and use of digital technologies;
  • Study Tours in the field of both Visual and Performing Arts, to get direct and hands on experiences on the ‘Art Systems’ and their peculiarities;
  • Methodological courses to get robust and reliable lenses to read and interpret dynamics within cultural industries, including the study of social network and networking;
  • Courses related to the area of Design and Urban Studies, to provide students with a strong opportunity to connect artistic and managerial thinking and to promote a more inclusive view of the urban contexts;
  • Internship or Cultural Research Study, where the student can choose to do an internship in a cultural organization or to carry out a research project in a cultural company.


  • Strategy in the arts or HR management in the arts industry - 6 ects
  • Digital in the Arts or Design thinking - 6 ects
  • Accounting and fundraising in the Arts - 6 ects
  • Law and the Arts - 6 ects
  • Statistics for arts management - 6 ects
  • Advanced economics and management of Arts - 12 ects
  • Advanced English in the cultural industry or Italian language (for not Italian students) - 6 ects


  • Comparative cultural policy - 6 ects
  • Social networks theory and analysis for the cultural sector - 6 ects
  • Urban cultural studies - 6 ects
  • Study tour in the visual and performing arts field - 12 ects
  • Internship or Cultural research study or one elective course - 6 ects
  • Elective courses¹ - 12 ects
  • Thesis - 24 ects

1 Elective courses:

In order to allow our students completing in the best way their Master of Science, it is warmly suggested to choose the elective courses from the following ones (which are planned and thought specifically for the MaTam profile) unless they have already been attended: Strategy in the Arts, HR management in the arts industry, Digital in the Arts, Design thinking, Research design in Arts management.

In addition, the following courses can be chosen as elective from the degree in Management in the School of Economics: Project management, Cross cultural management, Entrepreneurship, Corporate governance and social responsibility.