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A factor of success for an organization is its capacity to operate under conditions of risk, especially when operating in the financial system. The increasing awareness of such an issue implies that nowadays risk management is acknowledged as a subject requiring specific capacity and knowledge. The current crisis makes this awareness even more central, thus leading to rethink the concept of risk management itself, for example, as far as in-house/corporate risk communication is concerned.

CRERIM is a program that zeros in on combining a solid quantitative training with a multidisciplinary vision of the credit risk, its management and its control.

Distinctive and innovative features of the Master’s course (at its seventh year), are: the analysis of interrelationship between credit risk management and corporate governance; a pragmatic approach towards the measurement and  the management of credit, as well as of its communication. Some of the topics covered include the impact of risk on the main phases of credit management, the techniques related to its measurement, and the instruments enhancing the effectiveness of risk communication. Furthermore, this course faces issues arising from the synergy between risk management and the functions of bank marketing, by focusing on specific statistical techniques that define target customers and their propensity to raise debt, in a behavioral finance framework.

Elena Beccalli, Scientific Director, Full Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries, Faculty of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Credit risk management
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