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Jean Monnet Module, intensive English course on Intercultural Dialogue in Europe and Active Politicies (IDEAL project)

 17 maggio 2017

We are approaching the start of the JEAN MONNET MODULE, an intensive English course on INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE IN EUROPE AND ACTIVE POLITICIES (IDEAL project).

On Monday the 22nd of May at the Carducci Campus (Via Carducci 28/30, Milan), at 1.30 PM, will take place the Opening session with the lecture of the Scientific Coordinator, prof. Maddalena Colombo "Why Do We Need Active Policies for Intercultural Dialogue in Europe?, Faculty of Education, UCSC

After the Introductory speech a three-hours lecture will be held by prof. Luciano Morganti, Free Univeristy of Brussels, on History of European integration, followed by the lecture on Recognising and preventing neo-racism in Europe given by prof. Milena Santerini and prof. Ulderico Maria Maggi, from UCSC, Center of Research for Intercultural Relationships."

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